Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Armchair BEA: Choose Your Own Give-Away!

Go get a piece of the Armchair Action at
You choose, Armchair pals & old friends:

* Find your current must-read at Indiebound.org. ($20 or less) 
If you win the random drawing,
     I'll give it to you via your local independent bookstore AND
     I'll make a $20 donation to the charity of your choice! 

Yes: You choose, and choose again.  That's what ActionReaders is all about: sharing the love of books in a community of readers, while doing some good in our own lives, for the world.* 

* How do you participate in this Give-Away?  Join our tribe of world-changing, life-embracing readers at ActionReaders.com. 
   How?  Go sign on as a member at ActionReaders.com and follow this blog too.
   It's free, it takes less than a minute, and you'll get no spam, just an occasional (say, monthly or so) email when we've got world-changing, book-centric opportunities to offer you.  If we don't think you'll find it of great value for yourself and for the world, we won't email you about it.  And, of course, you can choose to watch what's happening until you're ready to dip in.  No obligation.  No guilt.  Ever. 

And current ActionReaders:  Just send me a message at ActionReaders.com and I'll enter you to win too.  At ActionReaders, as in life, we don't overlook old friends.

So that's the GiveAway.  No special button or logo or strings.  Just an opportunity to enrich your life by joining ActionReaders, plus a chance for just a wee bit more (a book and a contribution).

Enter by midnight on Friday, May 27, to be eligible. 


* And, no, book-actions needn't involve more than a few minutes' time and certainly needn't require a single cent.  The basic premise: finish a book, then do something related to that book.  Imagine the power we'd have to change the world and our own lives if we all just made this simple adjustment to our reading habits...
...and for the poets among you: Drop by on Saturday or Sunday for our weekend Poetry in Your Post Blog Hop!

p.s. Always happy to visit your blog and then follow-for-follow...


Trisha said...

Joined up and ready to go. I love inspiration to interact more with the books I read. :)

Booksnob said...

Joined Action Readers and am so happy about it. Thanks for sharing this great community with me.

SpadesHigh said...

I would love for a chance to win A discovery of Witches (Checked out the website)
Thank you for hosting this giveaway and for participating in ArmchairBEA!! Nice to meet you!!

SpadesHigh @ http://SpadesHighReads.blogspot.com
TValeros18 @ gmail [dot] com
GFC Follower: SpadesHighReads

Icedream said...

I just joined Action Readers (which I loved learning about- what a great idea). I have a few books that have been on my wish list for a long time, I'll have to give it some thought but I love your matching donation! Thanks for the chance.
waitmantwillie at hotmail dot com

Laurie @ ActionReaders said...

Thanks so much for hopping by, and for joining ActionReaders. We're a brand new network, and there's so much life to change out there! I'm dedicated to helping all of us find easy, effective ways to let our reading lead us into a better future. Our ActionReaders features will grow and evolve with your questions and expertise, so expect this year to be exciting indeed! I'm very pleased to share the journey with y'all, and I welcome those yet to join us as well.

Anonymous said...

I joined ActionReaders and I GFC follow your blog both under- Krysta Banco.
My book choice is "Fallen" by Lauren Kate.


Anonymous said...

Joined action reads! What a great idea that site is. :)

AR username: the golden witch
GFC username: usagi, the golden witch
blog: witchoftheatregoing.wordpress.com

Thanks, and good luck to everyone!

Laurie said...

Krysta - So glad you've joined us at ActionReaders.com, and I'm off to check out "Fallen" at Amazon, to see why it's your top pick!
Golden Witch: Your 'handle' intrigues me, esp. the 'theatre' part. When I lived in the New York area, I went to shows as often as I possibly could and I still love the theatre, even though I live far from a major city now and thus don't see quite as many plays as I'd like. Off to check you out, and welcome to ActionReaders!

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