My Review Policy, Contact info.

Currently, I'm accepting both hard copy and e- ARCs, galleys, and new releases for review consideration.  Please contact me with review requests at: actionreaders (at) gmail (dot) com .
I review books from the following genres:
Literary Fiction, occasional popular fiction
World Literature (all genres)
Young Adult Fiction, Non-Fiction & Memoirs
Creative Non-Fiction
Essay Collections & Literary Anthologies (may require more than one month to review)
My review schedule: I prefer to receive review copies several months in advance. My goal is to publish my reviews on or around the release date of the book, or according to blog tour schedule.
My review policies:  Of course, it's my hope that every book I read will offer me - and my readers here - a worthwhile experience, and I will make every attempt to provide a balanced review and to suggest audiences who might best appreciate each book.  However, I do not guarantee a positive review, and I will honestly offer any serious concerns or critiques that emerge, so that I provide a valuable perspective to my readers.
Occasionally, I encounter a book that I simply cannot get through, and I reserve the right not to publish a review if I cannot complete the entire book.  This is, in fact, to the advantage of the author:  If I cannot get through a book it is likely quite flawed, in my view. 

But that book won't be your book, so do contact me with your review request at: actionreaders (at) gmail (dot) com .
I offer gratitude to Alyce at At Home With Books, whose policy I used (with permission) as a model for my own.
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