Action Ideas

(From most introspective and least time-intensive to most community-oriented and potentially time-intensive.)

Mind-Reader:  Simply reflect on the themes of the book and select a focus for positive intention.  Then offer or practice the intention for whatever period of time feels right. Usually, it takes at least 30 iterations to develop a habit, so - if your intention includes building some sort of awareness that endures in your daily life - allow yourself to practice imperfectly for a while until the intention becomes a part of you.

Light-Seeker:  Remove something from your life as a result of reading the book.  A 'bad' habit, unnecessary "stuff", or a draining or dysfunctional relationship might all be fodder for action.

Inquirer:  Choose a topic related to your book and spend a few minutes or hours on the interwebs or at your public library researching it.  Then summarize and share what you learned with someone.

E-Hero:  Research organizations making positive change in the world related to your book.  Offer them a donation or volunteer your skills.

Adventurer:  Seek out a local place, person, or organization related to your book.  Visit them, then share what you learned with someone.

Skill Builder:  Add to your wealth of talents by trying a new skill or activity in relationship to the book you read.  Or re-commit to practicing a current skill toward your 10,000 hours!

Community Connector: Go out and help a community group related to your book.

Got an idea for a role you don't see here?  Contact me at and I'll add it!
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