Saturday, November 2, 2013

Elegy in X Parts, Part X : Poem in Your Post


My foreshadow stretches
out in front of me.

We stand on the soles
of each other's feet.

I am a field
and there's a man

standing in the middle
of me saying,

God is the sky pinning
me to my body.

I am a man
and there is a field

under me saying,
A dead man makes

love to the earth
by just lying there.

             -          Matt Rasmussen

This fine poet was selected for the Walt Whitman Award by a favorite poet of mine, Jane Hirshfield.  And he was just nominated for the National Book Award on October 16th.  He has a job teaching poetry at a college in Minnesota, so I envy him a tad too.

New to me - and perhaps to you too - his work is clean and spare.  

You will find more on his page.

MFB on a deluge-y day,

p.s.  In researching Mr. Rasmussen, I stumbled upon this fabulous page featuring free e-books that contain excerpts from all the National Book Award nominees!  How great is that?

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