Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SNOW DAY!!! And I've got one question for you.

What is the absolute best book to cuddle up with next to a warm fire as the snow falls and the scent of hot chocolate wafts through the air?
  • A beloved story from your childhood? 
  • An all-day potboiler, sure to enchant with steamy romance on a tropical isle? 
  • Poems to read aloud to your kids or loved one(s)? 
  • A collection of short stories or essays for 'intervals' between sledding and snowman-making sessions?
  • A book about snow itself? 

Tell me! (in the comments)


(Me personally?  On this day, between lesson planning and stacks of student essays and the requisite snow-play sessions, I'm finishing the utterly engaging Prinz Honor novel An Abundance of Katherines by John Green.  If I kick that one, I'll go on to the rest of Dracula.  Basically, I just kept reading what I was already reading...  I'm not certain if that was the right strategy for the perfect snow day, though!)


Anne said...

I love a good old fashioned comfort read like Anne of Green Gables or Little Women on a cold winter's day.

couchpotatocritic said...

Cold weather/winter weather and Christmas/cold weather books go hand-in-hand for me.

Little Women, as @Anne says, is a great one. As is Wilder's The Long Winter. As are any number of those light/fluffy Christian fiction stories.

Snow days are also a good time to curl up with your favorite books, the ones you love to pieces and can't seem to re-read enough.

Enjoy your snow day -- it was over 75 degrees in my town today!

Laurie said...

Thanks, friends. All of your choices seem wonderful; it's been years since I enjoyed Anne of Green Gables and Little Women, and I have never sampled The Long Winter.
Once the snow lets up, I'm off to our local used book stores to find all of them!
Thank you for your suggestions, and, CPC: If it weren't so gorgeous here right now, I'd be oh so tempted by your blissful temps!

Bubba Dreier said...

I go for a good action packed sci-fi book that has a little suspense thrown in to keep you guessing!


Laurie said...

Welcome, Bubba, to the unending conversation. And best of luck on your book! Tomorrow's another snow day, so I'll troll my TBR pile for a sci-fi book...

Anne Bennett said...

Jane Austen books or Jane Austen retellings like The Diary of Henry Tilney by Amanda Grange. I want to be swept away on a cold day stuck indoors.

kaye said...

I just curl up with a title that looks promising and spend the time with the book and myself.

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