Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ReWrite Your Own Story for the New Year: A Princess and Her Garden

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If you're ready to dig a little deeper than traditional resolutions this year, consider rewriting your own story by journaling through this 'fable of awakening and arrival'. 

In the first section of this worthwhile and quick read, the mother-daughter team of psychotherapist/personal coach Patricia R. Adson and executive coach Jennifer  E. Van Homer bring us a beautifully illustrated fable of a young girl who lives in a world where each person has his or her garden.  Who cultivates each garden and why constitutes the psycho-symbolism in this tale of personal development in a patriarchal culture.

At first read, this fable may seem almost too obvious, but in truth it offers quite rich fodder for contemplation, if one feels ready to reflect deeply on one's own life's progression.  And that's what the second section of the book offers us: A guided journal stepping ourselves into the role of the princess as she walks through her life journey. 

Not for women alone, although I suspect that there might be a psychological barrier for some men when asked to put themselves into the role of "princess", I recommend this to anyone looking to delve deep during these dark days.  If you follow this path, you might well enjoy a spring renaissance far richer than you've experienced in many a year. 

Recommended for seekers, for anyone in transition, and even for book groups ready to seriously deepen their mutual friendships by exploring their individual pasts.

Beautiful illustrations by Barbara Beshoar kept me returning to the fable too. 

MFB, with new insight into my past and current gardens,

I want to extend my gratitude to Ms. Adson, her publishers The Center for Applications of Psychological Type, and "PR by the Book" for providing me with a review copy of this book.

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Anne said...

I really enjoyed this book too. It was a short story but really made me think and the illustrations were beautiful.

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