Monday, January 2, 2012

To Blog or Not To Blog: Channeling Hamlet in 2012

Should I post more frequently or less?

Should I read-and-review more or contribute to more memes?

Structure my reading-n-hopping with challenges or follow my fancy from book to book?

Keep with the "action reading" focus or wander into new territory?

Focus on my own prose stylings or add more excerpts from the authors I read?

Post four times a week like clockwork or write when the muse strikes?


Methinks I think too much (to amalgamate both the Bard and Robyn's excellent blog).

In fact, I just hopped over to You Think Too Much for a leisurely stroll through three though-provoking posts: Now there is a blog I can learn from.  Her musings are, in fact, essays in blogpost form that feature her earnest and engaging voice plus thought-provoking thematic content that may meander a tad, but always in the best possible ways and with an ultimately cohesive result.  She's moved beyond mere book blogging into the realm of the ponderer-for-mortal-stakes.

That's how I too wrote when I began this blog, and I feel (I fear?) I've strayed into the more pedestrian, caught the fever to keep posting, regardless of the depth (or lack thereof) of the post. 

Now I say to myself:  Go back to the beginning.  That's what Vizzini said too, and that's what I'm going to do.

So thanks, Robyn.  Thanks, Inigo.  Thanks, Hamlet.  You've helped me move through my muddle and into some clarity for the new year.

What bookish and bloggery questions are you asking yourself this New Year's?  Have you "by indirections found directions out"?  Or did you start anew with ease, quickly cutting to the chase to focus yourself this season?

Advice, anyone?



Parrish Lantern said...

I've chosen to pare back the challenges, not totally, just less than last year & to hopefully play to what I think are core strengths poetry & Literature. In fact went through last years posts to see what achieved best visit rate to see if it had any relation to my own perceptions & will work from there.

Laurie said...

That sounds like a strong plan, PL. For me, if I look to my most popular posts, I find them such a mix that it's hard to discern any particular pattern. I do appreciate the process though.

Sidne said...

love this post!! hey there is a poetry challenge,check it out on my page. look to the right side of the page under 'challenges'.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to find a balance between posting according to a routine or schedule, and having your blog be this organic thing that you post to when you've got something to say.

One thing I'm hoping to get back to this year is posting once-weekly about something that isn't a review or a meme. Like you, I fell out of the habit, and I've caught myself rushing through books because "I have to get a review up this week."

I don't want reading to be some sort of race. I want to enjoy what I read, and share it with others.

I'll help you stick to your goal if you'll help me stick to mine. :)

Laurie said...

Thank you! I'm all in!

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