Saturday, May 7, 2011

What's this Action Readers thing? Part One

You've been asking, so I'll hit a few highlights today, and a few more in future quick-posts!

The BackStory
Well, if you've been reading this blog - even from time to time - you know that I've been trying out this "with every book I read, I take an action" process, and that it's been life-changing for me.  Enthusiast that I am, I figured:  Why keep this to myself when other readers could change their lives and non-readers could love reading if only they learned this simple secret

I wanted to share it with others, so they too could realize how profoundly such a simple, easy shift in how they read could help them improve their own lives and serve the world around them with very little effort.  AND I wanted to meet the sort of readers who would try this too, and learn from them, and help them in return.  That's basically it.

So I created a non-profit ning that anyone can join for free and visit as often as they like to get ideas and support and opportunities to change the world or enrich their lives, one book at a time.  (Talk about action!  For me, this is a biggee!)

First Q & A
The most frequently asked question is: 
           What sort of actions? 
           Won't they take a lot of time and effort?

          All sorts! 
          Creative, crafty, gratitude, service, inquiry, personal growth... Hop up to the Action Ideas page above to find out.  Or look at any of my book reviews - actions are in red, at the bottom of the review.

          No!  They won't take much time and effort (unless you so choose) and, for me and those who've tried it, once you simply set the intention that you'd like to take an action upon completing a book, they almost seem to create themselves.  And it's fun! 

So... More about the site's specific features in a future post, but for now, just click the badge in the upper right (or how about clicking right here!) to hop on over and see our fledgling efforts for yourself - There's no obligation, and we're not selling anything, but it might be the first step to changing your world and enhancing your life, one book at a time.


Wow, would I welcome your questions and comments and encouragement, too...

And there's a challenge on this month through which you could earn a $25 gift certificate from, so there's extra incentive, no?

p.s.  The Crazy-for-Books blog hop asks us:  Which book blogger would you most like to meet?  I simply couldn't choose because I'd like to meet so many.  In part, that's why I set up - as a place, similar to the book bloggers' ning combined with Goodreads book groups - but with our own special spin - where we have many more options to "talk", group up to discuss a book, and support each other.

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