Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday FYI's

Heads up!  Two quick action ideas you head into a fabulous book-filled weekend:

1.  Hop on over to (link to right and left - you can't miss it!) and take our 5-second survey:  We're starting an action-reading book club and need you to weigh in on the genre & action category for our first book.  Four choices, just click your favorite and you're done!* We're working to get discounts or free books for our club, and in negotiation with authors of upcoming books as well, so you'll want to get in on this right away! 

While you're there, if you've got 60 seconds more, sign up as a member so we can keep you in the loop on this one - It'll be the perfect chance to test your action-reading wings and participate in a great book discussion as well. 

2. Hop back here on Saturday or Sunday if you love poems: It's our "Poem In Your Post" Blog Hopall weekend long!  In honor of the springtime sunshine and warmer days, you might want to post celebratory poems or nature poems - your own or a favorite one gathered out in the world.  But really, any poem you'd like to share will be fine...

How does it work?  Post a poem, then link here, then hop.  Simple!  It's fun and quick to do, fascinating to participate in - such a variety of excellent poems to be found - and we're gaining momentum, so come join us!


* So far, creative action with a non-fiction book's winning, but inquiry action plus a memoir's running a close second, but the voting will run through May 25, so you still have a chance to make your favorites count! 

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