Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Eye-Opener: Quotes to Super-Charge Your Week...

"I get up every morning determined both to change the world and to have one hell of a good time. This makes planning the day difficult." - E.B. White
Here he is: Elwyn Brooks, nicknamed 'Andy'
while he attended Cornell (for its founder, Andrew

E.B. White:  You know him.  Famed New Yorker essayist.  Co-wrote the still handy and mostly still accurate (well, depending on whom you ask) writing guide Elements of Style.  And of course:  Charlotte's Web, The Trumpet of the Swan, and Stuart Little.

Please tell me:  Would a regular, super-quick Monday feature with a great author's inspiring and/or hilariously apt quote (plus a brief reminder of her/his contributions to our lives) be of use/interest as you start your week?

MFB in pursuit of adding value (and "/" marks),

p.s. The newest edition of "Strunk & White" features illustrations by Maira Kalman.  I'm just in the middle of her thoroughly engrossing and amazing illustrated memoir/visual essay collection, And the Pursuit of Happiness.  At this point, I would buy anything she created... Stay tuned this week for a (probably gushing) review!

p.p.s.  Considering making this quote my new motto/tag line.  What say ye?


Sidne,the BCR said...

hello, stopping by to invite you by my blog for my as i am hosting three book giveaways. come on by and enter.

Anne Bennett said...

Laurie, I'm glad you are reading Stolen by Christopher. It still haunts me. I also like 13 Reasons Why, the most popular book in my library after the Hunger Games trilogy this school year. Keep me posted of what you think of both of them.

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