Thursday, March 31, 2011

Could today change your life? An Opportunity For Readers Ready to Lead

I'm taking a big risk today, but one I know will pay off for all of us.

Why?  Because I'm writing to invite you, my trusted fellow-readers and book-loving friends, to be the first to join a social movement that will change the very course of our reading lives and transform our world at the same time.  A bold claim, I know, but I have come to see that we can change the world with this simple shift.

The Opportunity:
For just one month, when you finish reading a book, take one action toward your personal evolution or for the benefit of the world.  Big or small, ten minutes or ten hours, personal or public, one action - any action that feels right - per book. 

Use whatever books you already intend to read plus whichever ones you happen upon during our trial period.  Then respond with your questions, concerns, suggestions, successes, and stumbles as you pursue your one-month action-reading experiment. 

I promise this process will also be fun, easy, and flexible so that it takes little extra time, and you feel amply rewarded for the time you do invest in ActionReading.

YES!  How do you say "yes"?!
Just email me at, or use the comment section below to let me know how best to contact you and I'll send you more info. on how to participate, plus the password for our beta site AND we'll meet each other there.

Questions? (How can I put your mind at ease about joining us?)
Email me at

Why this opportunity?  Why now?
It's a simple premise, but I suspect you're as convinced as I am that often the most basic, easy-to-execute ideas are the most powerful.  Yet so often the tough part isn't the idea, it's the follow-through - the shaping of a new habit-of-mind. 

That's why, five months ago, I started this blog to make my commitment public and to track just exactly how  this process unfolds.  I didn't know that it would work, in fact, but now I'm convinced of its power to leverage my reading life to profoundly transform everything else in my world.  This process has been an amazingly powerful ride for me these past few months (you can read about it in my "Story" posts), and I simply can't wait to share its benefits with the world any longer.

That's why I'm creating a social networking hub for readers who want to transform their lives and change the world, one book at a time. 

And I need y'all to help me make it great.  I'll use your feedback to shape the ActionReaders website, making it the most uniquely helpful, impactful, and fun book-lovers' place in cyberspace, and ensuring that the site offers all readers quick, immediate opportunities to use their passion for books to make a bigger impact on their lives and communities.

The Rewards for those ready to shape this movement right now.
If this new reading-for-change movement sounds intriguing, and you can try this process (however fitfully) for one month, I'll offer not only my gratitude, but also:
* ALL ActionReader MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS, bonuses, and materials FREE FOR ONE YEAR. That's
     * fun & easy action challenges with unique prizes,
     * book give-aways with a transformative twist,
     * networking with authors and readers and non-profits doing good in your neighborhood,
     * action booklists for transformation & world change,
     * easy action ideas and quick action links,
     * plus more features as the site expands...
* DAILY ACCESS to my one-on-one support system for ActionReaders (personalized book picks and action ideas, follow-up support to help make action easy, etc.) as you move through your first month's action steps.
* A JUMP-START ON A WHOLE NEW READING LIFE, one that ups the joy and transformation we all value so much as readers, connects us ever more strongly to each other, and helps us transform our worlds almost effortlessly, with ease.
* YOUR PERSONAL IMPRINT ON THIS MOVEMENT to change the world and transform our lives one book at a time.  You'll help shape the services and site with your feedback at the ground level, a contribution that may well change the world in and of itself.

AGAIN: YES!  How do you say "yes"?!
Just email me at, or use the comment section below to let me know how best to contact you and I'll send you more info. on how to participate, plus the password for our beta site AND we'll meet each other there.

Questions? (How can I put your mind at ease about joining us?)
Email me at

I am SO excited about offering this opportunity to all of you, because I know how much it's changing my life and the world around me and because I'm banking my next decade of life on the obvious truth that when it comes to life-changing action, mine plus yours plus the reader-next-door's will add up to a world transformation from the page to the planet.


Want a run-down on the timeline for this exciting month at ActionReaders?  Or the backstory on this new social movement?

THIS MONTH at ActionReaders

Tomorrow, April 1, expect the first ActionReaders "Changing the World, One Book At A Time" challenge, with some nifty books for prizes.  (Hint:  It's not only April Fools' Day, but the first day of National Poetry Month.)

On May 1, 2011, launches as a hub for book events and reading challenges (think giveaways that change the world); author interviews; easy action ideas and life-changing reading lists; support for your personal action-reading practice; space to share your own triumphs, tips, and tricks for easy but impactful actions; and community conversations & connections with other world-changing readers!

SIX MONTHS out at ActionReaders

* Full Features on our homesite, adjusted and enhanced according to the needs & suggestions of our beta readers and members

* A bestselling ActionReaders' book or two to hit the shelves for those who crave pages-in-the-hand.  So exciting!!

ActionReaders BACKSTORY…The WhatSheRead Blog

Here's a quick recap of WhatSheRead's mission and focus that inspired me to found the ActionReaders movement:

* Every book, I take an action - creative, reflective, connective, inquisitive, communicative, or humanitarian.

* Every book, I blog to share my reviews and support my actions by committing to them in a public forum (not necessary for all ActionReaders, perhaps, but a useful tool to embed the habit quickly).

* Every month, I create a reflection in the form of a tale for you in which I review what I did and how it's changing my life or saving the world. 

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