Monday, April 4, 2011

March Un-Story: Wings

I've been reading Emma, so I'll borrow one of her favorite forms, the riddle.

Riddle me this:  What's a story without a conflict? 

Humming bird girl from Studio Beerhorst
Visit their Etsy shop for more nifty art.
Answer: Not a story. 

OK, now try another riddle:
What's a creature who flies and flies and flies, who migrates and returns? 
Answer: Less of a Reader Princess and more of a Bird Girl. 

So I will make this recap of a traveliscious and life-elevating but relatively conflict-free March mercifully brief:

I lifted off again and again, then touched down to beauty and energy and learning.  New York, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay area rose up to meet me, as did friends, family, expert colleagues, and long familiar but also long unattended sites, sounds, smells, and city energy. Total days jet-setting and hob-nobbing with world movers-and-shakers: 22 out of 31.  That's a significant shift from my stay-at-home ways of the past few stories, and one I could easily get used to.  And it's a whole new world-shaking world out there.

Truth is, I emerged on the far side of March as a whole new person with profound confidence in my new life path, thanks to the Experts Academy with Brendon Burchard I attended in late March and to the warm responses I received from all those with whom I shared my vision this month. 

You might have noticed my exuberance as I invited y'all to join me in my ActionReaders Leaders' Challenge.  I want to thank all who responded to become part of our ActionReaders A-Team, and to let you know that just a few more spots are open if you wish to join us on this journey. 

Here's a re-learning that spiritual masters have taught over and over, but I've really only re-experienced these past few weeks:
Sometimes great leaps take no Herculean effort after all:  When you are moving in the direction of world change and compassion and a whole new mind and - as is so often quoted - your dreams, the Universe leaps with you. 

Sure, work will be required.  Sometimes a lot of it.  And faith and strategy and resilience.  But it won't feel quite so sloggy or sad, but rather light and energizing and fine.

I know now just exactly what I'm putting behind me, but what's ahead is all open sky.

What March didn't offer was much time for the action part of action-reading and for any sort of soul searching.  Sure, I read.  Sure, I leapt headlong into daily experience and mindful attention and exciting new ventures and friendships.  But I didn't do as much follow-through as I otherwise might have.

So, for April, here's what I'll do:
Make THE home of readers ready to make the one small shift that transforms their lives and changes the world.  It will be up in a and ready for beta testers (You?  If curious, just visit the Challenge link, sign up, and I'll see you there!) by 4/4/11 and I'll keep improving it for the big launch on 5/1/11.
* Roll out my first two ActionReaders challenges, both here and there: And it's all about a poem in your pocket!
Wrap up a few of the March actions that I couldn't complete on the road (and in the air) as well as a review of Emma, which I finished for book group on March 31.  Reminder to self and others: Action Reading is supposed to be fun, but follow-through is a must to get the habit entirely consistent over time.
* Try a reading path rather than a meander by actually planning a sequence or grouping of books to support the endeavors I'm embracing in April rather than happening upon the books I read.  Sure, I'll remain open to possibilities from publishers and authors I know and trust.  But I'm going to try Action Reading with a path this time 'round, to see how profoundly that reinforces, catalyzes, and pumps up my fast-changing life.

April Book Path Categories
Entrepreneurial Social Change:  The Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard; Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (Yes, I'm the one who's never read this classic.)
National Poetry Month: Collected Lyrics of Edna St. Vincent Millay; Bridge to the Soul by Rumi (tr. Coleman Barks)
Physical Health:
Women, Food, and God by Geena Roth; The 17 Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno
TBR pile:  Started Early, Took My Dog by Kate Atkinson; An Atlas of Impossible Longing by Anuradha Roy; Amaryllis in Blueberry by Christina Meldrum (thanks, WiseOwl!)

MFB in April, month of the great shift,

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