Friday, April 22, 2011

Blog Hops: An Earth Friendly Way to Travel

Another nifty hop was the every-other-
Thursday one at The Blue Bookcase.
In honor of Earth Day, may I also offer the put-your-feet-up-with-a-good-cup-of-coffee-and-your-laptop-on-your-lap, carbon-free pleasure of blog hopping.

You'll meet fascinating people from all over the world, worry-free; sample multiple opinions and prose styles; find new books to love; and more than likely make a few friends at the same time.

If you haven't hopped yet, you might enjoy the Friday Crazy-for-Books blog hop.  It's humongous, but you don't have to visit everybody and you don't even have to have a blog.  Just click on the URLs to visit the blogs, comment when you feel moved, follow as often as you feel you can, and offer your own post to other book-minded travelers in the blogospheres...

This week's question is:
When you find a book you love, do you go out and read all the rest of that author's oeuvre?
My answer is:  often, but not sequentially or in a clump.  In my brash and over-exuberant youth, when I first stumbled across Annie Dillard or T.C. Boyle or Margaret Atwood (all Earth-friendly authors, for certain), I promptly started trolling libraries and used bookstores for old volumes, and looking through the NYTimes Review of Books each week so get a jump on their new releases. 

But I quickly realized that to thoroughly enjoy a favorite writer's works, I must sample other writers in between:  sort of a palate cleansing, or a trip round the buffet table, I suppose.

What's your response to this question, and what are you doing for Earth Day?
(We've got an Earth Day challenge up at check it out, and if you're interested just register to win. We'll be checking throughout the day for new members to approve, so go ahead - we'll count you!)

MFB, and keep on hoppin',

p.s.  I'll be starting a Sunday "Poem in Your Post" hop here on May 1, 2011, so come join us and bring your favorite poem:  old or new, any style, any writer...!


Adam said...

I try to participate in these when I can, too (like this week!)

FYI - The Literary Blog Hop is Hosted by The Blue Bookcase. :)

Laurie said...

You're right, Adam - Thanks! That's what you get when you rush to post...

Sidne,the BCR said...

hey there blogger, i'm on that TGIF mode. just hopping to see what ever one ans. to the hop questions are. not a participate this week. wishing you a wonderful weekend. worship serivce, a nice cookout and shhh, but i'm going to find a nice lounger and chill to read for a few hours since i'm not cooking one slice, root, cut, of food, i'm not even purchasing anything from the store to take. lol

Anne Bennett said...

Laurie, thanks for coming over and visiting my blog. I appreciate the feedback about the most popular books in my library list being helpful to you as you make your library selections. Here is another list of hot titles this spring that I put together on my school library page. I hope you can access it. If you can't let me know and I'll e-mail you the list.


waseembutt said...

Sato Travel-yes thx for this post because i am very upset how to create this but i read this post i am very happy thx for amazing post.

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