Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Think and Grow Rich (briefly): Begging your feedback...

Or perhaps better-cleped:  Think and Grow Dated.
And of course I had to read the "Action Pack"
edition, which offers nothing more than a few
pages of activities at the end...

Who's up for an update??

I just attempted to read Think and Grow Rich, the perennial self-help business bestseller - and obvious precursor to The Secret - by Napoleon Hill.  And now my question to myself is: Why did I find it so boring?

The principles have been proven again and again.  The writing is solid, if not riveting.  The potential for utility is high.  And much of the advice is still current day common sense, well worth revisiting.

Sure, I've been taught that money is the root of all evil and that we should all work extremely hard for every meager penny (and we should save 'em after we earn 'em) and we should give a significant portion of those pennies to "the poor" as well (who look a lot like us if we follow the rest of the formula).

OK, so maybe - looking at it now - I have issues.

But what I'm thinking is this:  It's so, so, so yesterday.  All the examples are - understandably - about millionaire men from the '20's and '30's, and this adds insult to injury in our day and age.  Steel barons creating megalopolies are the heroes here, and the founders of Coca Cola and big banking.  I'm not against them as people or even as examples to support Hill's precepts, and I know they lived in quite a different age, but now we all know how much damage can be done to the earth and the workers and the consumers while a few white men think and grow rich.

I'm considering writing an update myself, a Think and Grow Rich for all of us poised at this particular precipice in history with all our attendant powers, one I could stomach and even embrace, for people who want more than riches, but also contribution to the long term sustainability and well-being of all who share this planet and to the mechanisms of the planet itself.

So, my second question:  Would anybody buy it?


p.s.  I know there's an "update" or two floating around out there on Amazon, betterworldbooks.com, and indiebound.org, but apparently they consist of the original text, supplemented with italicized passages of current examples.  And they get none-too-enthusiastic reviews.  I'm thinking more of a chapter by chapter rewrite with social entrepreneurship and world-citizen action in mind.  You know, "Action Reader" it up...
     If you think you would read a volume like this and put it to use, do let me know.  I could start with the first chapter this week, and offer one per week here for a while, just to see what y'all think and to give you the opportunity to take what - for the most part - is darn good advice and information and shape it to change your - and our - world for the better.

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Keith Lyles said...

1. First, it is the Love of money that is the root of all evil, not money itself (1 Timothy 6:10)!

2. People love money when they will prostitute themselves to get it. The love of money is greed... and when men will lie, cheat, steal, and even murder to get a payday... they are wrong.

3. You are right about Think And Grow Rich... it can be dry and boring, but if you check out my Squidoo lens on this subject, you will see a clear and interesting intro to the book.

Please visit at... http://www.squidoo.com/think-and-grow-rich-online

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