Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Modern Fairy Tales: Nominations, Please AND The High Summer Readathon

Hi friends,

First off, I'm confessing my commitment to the High Summer Readathon hosted by The True Book Addict. 

And as Michelle, the host, tells me that it's a relaxed affair with a number of optional challenges & give-aways, I'm creating my own commitment:

* Finish Roots, but break up the last few posts for Laura at Booksnob's Roots read-along.
* Read the next (200 page) section of Tolstoy to get ahead on my own War & Peace read-along.
* Read all of Deerskin, in honor of my pal, Dana.
* Finish the second half of Blessing of the Animals, written by local essayist/editor/professor/all around fabulous person, Brenda Miller.
* Read 3 graphic novels: Marvels, The Odyssey, and Dante's Divine Comedy.

Good gracious.  That seems like plenty!

I'm figuring 3-6 hrs./day (at least) of just sitting here reading.  But I gotta come clean:  If the weather gets better, I know enough about life in the Pacific Northwest to just scrap the sittin' and start the strollin' with friends.  And I am for sure committed to my training for the Bellingham Bay Marathon in September.  Without those workouts, I couldn't really consider so much sitting!

It's not to late to join in; perhaps a weekend stay-cation traveling through books?  (Laura at Booksnob hosting a challenge celebrating just that strategy...)


And, in case you missed it yesterday, I just joined the Fairy Tale Challenge over at Tif Talks Books, and I need your help:
     Please tell me your favorite book and/or movie that features a modernized version of a fairy tale. (or even a classic one, if you please)

I'm especially interested in books and films appropriate for teens, as well as non-Western fairy tales, but any and all ideas for stellar books and films are most welcome and appreciated!

Have you reviewed a modern - or even a classic - fairy tale?  Go ahead and leave the link in your comment; I'll be sure to visit.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions: I'm looking forward to catching up on this challenge! 

To begin, I've already got two fine texts in the house: 
Deerskin by Robin McKinley and the DVD version of Terry Pratchett's Hogfather.

What comes next?  It's up to you!

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Sidne,the BCR said...

oh my goshness, that is a lot! WOW!! i have two challenges and i'm failing one due to me starting late and under estimating my time. next year i'm going to do reading only for challenges and books that only meet those challenges. now watch i want find any challenges. lol

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