Sunday, July 10, 2011

Are You Ready for A Stay-Cation?

Celebrate local writers and your local community with us in July-August for our first annual "Stay-cation Reads" here at What She Read and on participating blogs, sponsored by our social network for bookish world- and life-changing people, ActionReaders.

Feature a local author or book-setting (or two!) on your blog in these two months, take a local action in your community related to that author or book in some way, and then spread the love of your local community through the ActionReaders website and here on What She Read, telling us what you value - and even what you'd like to help change - about your town, county, or state. 

To get you started, I've offered two questions on the ActionReaders forum.  It takes mere seconds to become a member so you can participate, and it's entirely free - kinda like Facebook, only with fellow readers who are changing their lives and their communities, one book at a time. 

And just for fun, we'll be offering random drawings for gift certificates at, Book Depository, and for "Stay-cation Reads" participants, and we're considering hosting a big book swap/give-away hop for the local books we read this summer.

Questions?  Enthusiastic support?  Great local author or book to champion?  Ready to jump in?  Go hop into the forum at or leave a comment here so I'll be sure to update you on opportunities to connect with other readers & bloggers as the Stay-cation continues... 

Expect Sunday updates here and at ActionReaders, and do offer up ideas about how to make our Stay-cation that much more enjoyable and fulfilling.


p.s. Are you running a summer program in your community?  Why not get your participants involved too?  Email me, Laurie, at actionreaders(at)gmail(dot)com for details and support.

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