Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Telegraph Avenue Read-Along : What Luck!

Sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes your friends make your luck for you.

Why not reserve your copy early through
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I got lucky.  And a blogista-pal went out on a limb to help me out.  I couldn't be happier.

I'm going to read Michael Chabon's upcoming novel Telegraph Avenue, along with our fabulous host Emily at As The Crowe Flies and Reads plus a gaggle (a business? a clump?) of stellar bloggers for a July read-along!

Plus, by happy coincidence, I'll be trodding the titular Telegraph Ave. in Oakland/Berkeley just as our read-along wraps up, so my action step will be quite literal this time. That means fictional experience meets real life, inward meets outward travel: nifty, eh?

I've read and enjoyed a number of Chabon's books; his popular Wonder Boys and young adult read Summerland, which I listened to on CD, have endured as favorites in my memory.  And I've explored Telegraph Avenue itself more than once in my day, so the locale appeals to me as well.  I too grew up in the '70's so many of the pop culture references should hit home as well.  So what's not to like about this unique opportunity to preview an accomplished author's latest?
I hope you'll stop by each Tuesday in July (and then blog-hop along with us) to check out the latest installments in what promises to be a thought-provoking discussion of this major novel, due out on shelves September 11, 2012.

Rockin' the MFB, '70's-style,

p.s.  The first section is titled "Dream of Cream".  What's your best guess on what it will refer to?  I'm putting my money on that fabulous '60's rock group where Clapton landed after The Yardbirds.  Wagers, anyone?


As the Crowe Flies and Reads said...

Nice action step! You've read so much more Chabon than I have, I have to say.

I also googled all of the section names to see if they happened to be song titles. I won't ruin it for you by saying one way or the other, in case you want to find out for yourself!

p.s. can you please put the link to your post on my linky page for the hop? thanks!

Brooks Williams said...

I bet it's a reference to Cream, but I'm curious regardless...

I haven't read Summerland, but a good portion of the other participants have read it so I guess I need to put it on my list!

And how cool is it that you're going to go to the ACTUAL Telegraph Avenue?! That's so great. I want pictures!

Christine said...

I'm definitely a Chabon fan, but I didn't love Summerland. Wonder Boys is probably my favorite- looking forward to this one!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to Chabon and read-a-longs but looking forward to all the fun. Belle

Amy said...

Maybe we're a flock? :-)

I'm also going with Cream, the Clapton group. Seems fitting, set in a record shop.

Laurie said...

E -Sorry for the delay in linking; I was on a plane all morning and had checked last night but didn't see your post up at the time. Plus, I'm still adjusting to how blogger works on the iPad, so I suspect this won't be the last technical gl itch of the week! Thanks for your patience.
B - You can bank on the photos, and I'll try to remember to take my copy of the novel along too for the appropriate book-love shot!
All - I can't wait to see your various reactions to Ch. 1 next week!

LBC said...

I am so excited about reading my ARC of this one. I didn't know about the blog tour, but I will definitely be following all of you. I love Kavalier and Clay and I'm currently also reading and loving Manhood for Amateurs.

Laurie said...

L, I'm thinking you might be able to hop on board if you ask E. over at As The Crowe Flies and Reads. Of course, I'm not certain what the constraints might be, but I'd know I'd enjoy having you along!

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