Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Rune, Interminable

Low above the moss
a sprig of scarlet berries
soon eaten or blackened
tells time.

            Go to a wedding
            as to a funeral:
            bury the loss.

            Go to a funeral
            as to a wedding:
            marry the loss.

            Go to a coming
            as to a going:

            Time is winter-green.
            Seeds keep time.
            Time, so kept, carries us
            across to no-time where

            no time is lost.

                          - Marie Ponsot

During the month of April, Knopf emails out a poem each day, each by a different featured author.  This has been an exciting way for me to sample new poets and to sneak a glance into the new works of old favorites. 

This particular poem is a sample from the most recent collection, Easy, by venerable poet-professor Marie Ponsot who is now in her 80's.  Knopf's author page offers background on her life and work, plus samples from Easy, while (my favorite site to troll for new American poets) offers additional biographical and critical information about her, plus more of her poems and links to external resources too.

I'm happy to have rediscovered her work today, and trust that you will be too.


BONUS:  Here's another of Ponsot's poems, this one offered for Easter last year by Knopf:


The rose, for all its behavior,
is smaller than the lifelove it stands for,
only briefly brightening,
and even its odor
only a metaphor.
Or so we suppose
just as we suppose the savior
we employ or see next door
is only some hired man


Dana - Let's Book It said...

Lovely poems. Thank you for sharing.

Sidne said...

nice poem.
Hello my poetic friend.
Its April and I decided to join the A-Z April challenge and I'm doing poems each day of the week beginning with the corresponding letter.
Used the book I won from your for one of the poems. Thanks for finding me at my new site. why to i feel as if I wrote this on someone else wall thinking it was indeed your

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