Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Gods Are Not Large (Poem In Your Post)

But perhaps
the heart
does not want
to be understood.
Your shadow
falls on its pond
and the small fish
hurry away.
They have
their own lives
which they love.

And if to you
it is anger,
to them
it is simply life:
their mouths
open and close,
their gills,
they are fed,
they breathe.

The gods
are not large
outside us.
They are the fish
going on
with their own

         - Jane Hirschfield

Thank you, Ms. Hirschfield, for so consistently creating poems that feel easy yet resonate more with each reading.  Zen you is, Ms.

For more about Jane Hirschfield, try The Poetry Foundation's page (scroll to the bottom for three more poems).  For more of her words, images, and ideas, try's Hirschfield page.

And for a lovely, brief interview with another marvelous poem at the end, try this:

MFB this fair weekend,

p.s.  Share a poem elegant in its simplicity?  Post and offer up your link in the comments or paste the whole poem there...


Booksnob said...

Hey Laurie,
I am enjoying participating in Poem in my post. Should I leave my link somewhere? Also I was wondering two things. One, can you vote for my blog on Goodreads? Voting ends tomorrow. On the top right corner of Booksnob is a Vote button and it will take you right there. Two, I was wondering if you want to do another readalong this summer together? We could throw out some titles and see if we can set something up? Let me know.

Laurie said...

Yes, absolutely! Leave it right here in comments, and if you keep posting poems on weekends, I'll add your link to my posts too.

Voting: Did it!

Too late for that now, but how about an autumn read along? Something fun yet worthy?

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