Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top Ten: My firstborn child.

(Or, more likely, my next dog or imaginary friend might be named after...)

Pi (no, not 'Piscine Molitor Patel', just Pi).  Such a hip moniker on its own merits, gravitas-ed by his story within a story.

Jem Finch.  While the masses may say 'Atticus', I respond: But what about the next gen?  Wouldn't this make a beautifully cadenced first and middle name combo, with significant heroic substance behind it?

Olivia.  Like "Sting", one word says it all.

Harper (Lee) or Mick (Kelly).  Two smart tomboys with voices to die for.

Lucy (The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe/The Chronicles of Narnia).  A spunky-sweet child evolves into a hero-queen (Lucy the Valiant).  Not a bad handle to carry around for inspiration.

Meg Murry from A Wrinkle In Time, etc. Math-science whiz of the mousy brown hair whose brainy love saves people and occasionally planets.

Vardaman from As I Lay Dying. (Dave said, "Vardaman?  Sounds like Voldemort."  Philistine.  So perhaps I'd end up scrapping this one, but this Faulknarian boy's enigmatic statement, "My mother is a fish," kept me pondering for days.  Not that I'd want my child to emulate Vardaman's tendencies exactly, but it's a pretty nifty-sounding name that would hang well on a dog.)

Kate.  As in Kate Vaiden, stellar protagonist of the eponymous novel by the late, great Reyolds Price, and as in Kate the Cat.  And I'll bet the derivative Katniss will crop up on many a list.  Why not?  Strong, smart, shrewd - if sometimes shrewish - women.

Indiana.  'nuf said.  There must've been a book. Right?

How 'bout you?  Which literary appellations would you add to your family tree?

Thanks again to The Broke and the Bookish for this blog hop! 



Teacher/Learner said...

Indy & Pi would be awesome nicknames. I even like Indy for a dog's name (ironic since Indy was his dog's name in the movie, too) :D I have an award waiting for you here. Congrats :)

Red said...

I love that you have Pi as a name. Same with Indiana

Birdie said...

I never even thought of Vardaman, but I love Pi!

Kayleigh said...

I have a friend who has Harper already picked out for her daughter (who does not exist and may not for several years!. Great list!

LBC said...

Great list! I didn't think of Faulkner, but Caddy might make my list if I did it over again.

Laurie said...

T/L - Thanks for the award! On my way...
K - Yes, and you have no idea how many student readers persist in believing that Harper is a guy (where do they get that disposition, despite Scout being the narrator and me reminding them - multiple times - of the truth?), so it'd make a swell name for a boy too!
LBC - Caddy is a gorgeous name, you're right. Let's put it at number eleven.

Brenna said...

Great list! I especially love Indiana!

Dana KBS said...

I posted! Go check it out--

jackieisreading said...

I have a daughter named Lucy, and she loves the Narnia world for that reason! My other daughter is named Sophie, but I certainly don't want her emulating "Sophie's Choice"...... If I was choosing a literary name, I would think about Cordelia, in honor of Anne Shirley!

Christina said...

Very cool names! I've met a little boy named Indiana. He was called Indy. I love Olivia the character SO much, but the name is too high on the baby name charts for me to really love it.

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