Monday, February 14, 2011

Lovers' Challenge: Paying It Forward, One Book at a Time

Ready to spread joy?  Check out this February challenge from One Mystake at a Thyme.

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Jenna offers a plethora of options, those listed below among them.  As with my action jump-starts, they range from "sit-at-home: change-the-world" to "get-out-there-and-meet-people".
~ ♥ ~  Donate a handful of new or used books to a local charity, hospital, women’s shelter, school, prison, VA hospital, senior center, or crisis nursery.

~ ♥ ~  Buy a book for a child. You buy candy, video games, movies tickets, etc. When’s the last time you bought a book for a child?

~ ♥ ~  Is there a senior’s center or an assisted living facility near you? Do you already make regularly scheduled visits to see a grandparent, aunt, or sibling? Ask the activities coordinator if you can swing by one morning and read aloud to the residents. Short stories, poems, Bible verses, a section of a memoir or biography, etc… What a wonderful way to share the love of books.

~ ♥ ~  Do you compare books with coworkers? See if they would like to select a title and meet for lunch in a week or two to discuss it. Or - invite people to bring in whatever book they're reading. Everyone talks about a different book. You can discuss why it was selected, etc.

~ ♥ ~  Grab a friend and shop an indie bookseller in your community.

~ ♥ ~  An idea from Terry: contact an elementary school and ask if you can read out loud to the kids.

You get the idea... If you decide to try it, let me know and we can buddy-up to make sure we get 'er done.

My action:  The first one, with an adjustment.  I'm taking a box of books to our local library for their semi-annual fundraiser. 


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