Sunday, January 16, 2011

So: Southern Sudan.

A brief editorial post:  In a reading-for-change action inspired by an extraordinary novel/memoir of an heroic young boy in a desert country half a world away, I will be offering daily meditations for a peaceful transition in southern Sudan.  I read What Is The What years ago, and it is impossible to forget.  Thank goodness.  And thank you, Dave Eggers.

If you're ready to encounter the history of Southern Sudan on a human level, and then to gratefully accept that you will evermore willingly attend to what occurs there, then run, don't walk, toward a copy of Dave Eggers' What is the What.  Simply brilliant.  I know no one - from ninth grade boys to 70+ year old ladies - who didn't grab onto Valentino Achak Deng's story on page one, stay gripped for days and across continents, and finally close this book a changed person. 

And you won't want to stop with just this story:  Go visit Dave and Valentino Achak Deng's website, and then find out how we can all help from here.  So much to do.  So much grief and hope.  And such a perfect example of writing - and then reading - for change.

Or try Women for Women International:  This is my second year sponsoring a sister in Southern Sudan via this impeccable non-profit.  Truth is, the situation's so bad there that I've heard nothing from either of my sisters there.  Their lives are in danger, they're entirely illiterate, and they surely don't have the time to dictate a letter to me right now.  However, I know they're still OK through reports from the regional coordinators.  This is plenty. 

OK: slowly stepping down off soapbox.  Still: it's an historic shift.  All us action-readers durst attend.

MFB in a country so far away,

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