Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Alchemist


It's a well-known parable that took me a long time to get to in my life.  Nothing at all new here:  Another hero's adventure.  The circle out into unknown worlds, dark challenges, mistakes, insights, then back home again with new wisdom about the inherent unity of all matter & spirit, and a true love waiting in an oasis.  Fortune favors the bold. Enthusiasm sparks the Universe.

If this sort of story is what you seek today, then The Alchemist may serve you well. 

To hear it read aloud might be even better than taking it in through text on a page, in this case, since it's that kind of tale.  I listened to part of it on CD, and Jeremy Irons proved a worthy narrator.

Interesting that Coelho's still active out in the world: you can even follow him on FB and Twitter.  Seems odd, for such a myth-maker to also wax so pedestrian-populist.  He also shares his writing gratis, via his blog and Google Books, where some chapters of The Alchemist are available for free. Tres moderne. 

In this case, The Alchemist's entry on provides all the info. you'll need to decide whether/not to pursue this book yourself.  The first review currently in place there seems to cover most bases, I'd say. 

Action:  Nothing new to be done, really.  Just continue on in pursuit of my "Personal Legend".  Watch for omens, then do whatever they signal.  Listen to my heart.  Don't be afraid to lose everything: it'll all go in the end anyway.  Notice that humans still crave stories to help them negotiate their lives. 


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mel u said...

Hi-I found your blog via your post on the blog, Your Move Dickens (on the Marquez short story)-I am now happy to be one of your new followers

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