Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Made A Difference.

Are you a teacher?  Writer?  Entrepreneur? Businessperson?  Reporter?  Community organizer?  Politician?  Earth mover and world shaker?  Parent?  Child?

Do you want people to remember what you're telling them? 

Then take a few moments to indulge in this breezily written and award-winning book that follows its own formula: 

To make your ideas stick, you must...

Keep it Simple yet
grab attention with the Unexpected.
Stay Concrete yet Credible.
Add dimension and stickiness with Emotion,
and wrap it all up in a Story.

Then your ideas will be stickily SUCCESs-full.

And these authors walk their talk:  They use all the SUCCESs principles to craft every chapter in this book.

My Actions: 

First, I wrote my November Story as a narrative (I wouldn't have otherwise), which was an Unexpected form for anybody who's been reading my blog thusfar.  And I kept the plotline Simple while attempting to generate at least a little Emotion in the reader by exaggerating character traits and the conflict.  Then I added the Concrete list to increase Credibility and create stronger emotional pay-off.  I'm not saying it's a masterpiece, but it's stickier than it would have been had I simply posted a reflection or just the list. 

Then, I began using the SUCCESs principles to enhance the stickiness of my marketing and business plans (stay tuned for your opportunity to benefit!) AND I passed the book on to my Dave, who's also reading and using it.

Finally, I attended a gathering today about the battle over extending tax cuts for the rich, and I shared both the principles and a pertinent excerpt with many of the folks there as well. 

And in this case, the actions came entirely effortlessly.  This book has legs! 


Here's the authors' website for a taste of what they're talking about: 
Made to Stick.

Buy Made To Stick on Amazon

TEACHERS:  Talk to me about this.  I think the principles could help all of us trouble-shoot our lessons: they're worth revisiting on a weekly basis at minimum. 

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Laurie said...

Follow-up: Turns out that among those who read my blog regularly, the 'November Story' post is their favorite. Evidence that Chip and Dan do know what they're doing. Honestly, read this book and/or listen to it on CD.

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