Friday, December 10, 2010


What do you get when you read Gnomes & Good Omens at the same time?

                                         This guy.

And magic.

So that's my action for the next two weeks (at least):  Practice seeing the world as governed not by action-reaction in the visible realm, but by magic.  That's it.  Every day, every hour, stop and look around and imagine that whatever's going on was created by all of us beings (sentient and non-sentient alike perhaps) AND ALSO by somewhat (usually) benevolent beings or forces. 

I wonder what living in that mindset will do.  And don't worry: I'll let you know.


p.s.  I know, I know:  Where's the wit?  I'm finding that earnestness plus wit is a tough combo for me to muster:  I'm either rushing headlong into the silly or mindfully stepping through the sincere.  "More Fail Better" = my mantra.  If you see MFB in future posts, that's what I'm talking about.

p.p.s.  More on why both books are well worth just about anybody's time (if they're open-minded about religion and enjoy both a rip-roaring laughfest and a gently smile-inducing feast for the eyes) later in the month.

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