Friday, November 12, 2010

A Quiet Day, Cat Sitting

My actions for today, based on The Compassionate Instinct:
* Go back to writing 1-3 items/day in a gratitude journal.
* Consider/contemplate how I can weave techniques for cultivating empathy and spreading compassion into my new business ventures.  Make a tentative plan, or at least weave that focus into my mission/purpose.

Cross-species Empathy Opportunity.
Today a friend offered me the chance to act compassionately toward a member of the feline tribe:  She found a beautiful young siamese mix and has been caring for him until she can find him a permanent home.  However, the li'l guy needs to go to the vet today, get his shots, and get neutered, and he needs a warm place to recover.  My friend's inundated with errands, some of which include schlepping her cat-hating poodle around town, so I agreed to pick up the recovering kitten from the vet and take care of him until tomorrow afternoon. Why not?  Practice must help, no?  And clearly her compassion rubbed off on me in this case.  Theory from the book pans out in real life.  Who'da thunk it?

Hasta Saturday...

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