Thursday, November 11, 2010

Missions Accomplished!

a. Cool GoogleMap #1 begun. (see link at top right)
b. Reading strategy for The Compassionate Instinct decided:  Hopping around as interest leads me, and taking notes as I go.

Next action: Create a menu that complements the book we're discussing. So:

Which snack foods are most compassionate?  Vegan menu?  Foods that are delicious yet contain no calories and thus demonstrate compassion for our group members on the day before Thanksgiving?

And shall I name each appetizer after an affirmation, as they do at the Berkeley Gratitude Cafe?
* "I am gorgeous, inside and out" = almond merange cookies with chocolate ganache filling OR
* "I radiate stalwartness and decency" for the daikon 'crackers' with miso-tahini and kalamatas OR
* "I know when to cut corners but not quality" for the Trader Joe's mini sweet potato tartlets

Thoughts, anyone?

Time for an extra hour of reading - Heady/heavy stuff.

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