Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sight : Poem In Your Post


a single cell 
found that it was full of light 
and for the first time there was seeing 

I was a bird 
I could see where the stars had turned 
and I set out on my journey 

in the head of a mountain goat 
I could see across a valley 
under the shining trees something moving 

in the green sea 
I saw two sides of the water 
and swam between them 

look at you 
in the first light of the morning 
for as long as I can

                      - W.S. Merwin

Learn more about prolific and oft-lauded poet-translator W.S. Merwin here.  Get a poem a day from Knopf throughout the month of April by checking the appropriate newsletter in the bar on the left side of their Poem-a-Day Page (with gratitude to a large publishing house that still celebrates poetry).  

MFB, briefly,

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