Monday, October 21, 2013

Mrs. Queen Takes the Train : What She Read Review

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What a delight!

I was sorely in need of a swiftly-paced, edifying, amusing, and entirely engaging novel, and this one brought reliable smiles and lofty diversion just when I needed it.

Its plot, focused on a highly unusual day in the life of the current Queen Elizabeth II of England, keeps us guessing with twists and turns, while its wide cast of characters offers an "Upstairs/Downstairs"-esque soap opera loosely related to the current Queen's daily life.

Author William Kuhn (who provides book group questions and  photos from the book on his website) offers us a surprisingly intimate look into the world of the Queen and her staff in a novel that balances light social satire with detailed verisimilitude.  Yet he's not afraid to take on issues I (ever attempting to overcome my status as an ignorant American) wouldn't have considered otherwise, such as how constrained the queen's life might be by the very role from which she receives her power and fame or how the long tenures of her staff members - often of different social statuses - create entrenched rivalries and decades-long misunderstandings.

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The Bottom Line, plus my action step:   A warmhearted and lively yet well-researched read, highly recommended.  I will be purchasing copies for all my "Downton Abbey"-loving pals, and I will await author William Kuhn's next novel with eager anticipation.  I might even delve into his non-fiction works while I'm waiting.

Those of you who stop by What She Read regularly will likely raise an eyebrow at this glowing review; it's rare indeed that a novel enchants me so utterly that I find nothing to niggle at.   Yet this one offered such reliable diversion that today I offer only praise.

Mrs. Queen Takes The Train is a light romp with a dash or three of social commentary to spice up the story.  As the days darken, what could be more welcome?


p.s. I offer my gratitude once again to the able professionals at TLC Book Tours for the opportunity to sample this lively new novel.


William said...


Mrs Queen and I are over the moon after reading your review. Many many thanks.

Bill Kuhn

ps we are going to see if we can post it on our Pastebook account, but don't hold your breath as we often press the wrong key

As the Crowe Flies and Reads said...

Aww, I liked this one, too! I'm surprised it's not being more widely reviewed, especially now that it's in paperback. I found it completely charming and sweetly funny.

Laurie said...

E - Once again, great minds.

Thanks for stopping by, Mr. Kuhn. I truly enjoyed your novel from cover to cover, so I wish it a long and happy life.

And: Ha!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like such a fun read! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

Thanks for being on the tour!

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