Saturday, May 11, 2013

If and When Dreams Come True : Gatsby Poem in Your Post

If and When Dreams Come True

You'll find yourself in still water,
Full moon silhouetting the sky.
The long train of desire, having gone,
Pulled out from this quiet pool of shadow,
Will have left you at peace with your hands,
A few flowers moving in the breeze.
There will be music in the wind,
A future found in some alcove of blossoming trees;
Each highway will have driven itself away,
And so you will be left, finally, alone:
Abandoned, even, by any word you've ever cared
    to read.
The moon will shine as it always has;
A cool seep will rise from the lake.

                                          - W.S. Merk

Trolling for Gatsby-related poems today brought me to this stand-out sonnet. 

Go out there and enjoy the present moment and what you actually have in your life, and don't spend too long staring at that green light, OK?

MFB at the movies,

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