Saturday, January 26, 2013

Oneself : Poem In Your Post


our Selves, Ourselves
Apart and a Part
with every Thing, of Everything
from one Another, an Other
one Self

One self graph

Here I offer up a poem of happenstance, and I love this 21st Century method for finding poems serendipitously.

What's my method?  Look and listen to the moment.  Let your intuition choose some words grounded in the world around you.  Google them with "poem" at the end and see what pops up. 

How did I do it?  I was winding down after an incredibly intense Friday-before-finals by writing while watching an episode of the PBS cooking show Simply Ming.  In this episode, Ming Tsai visited Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto to cook fish.   I wasn't that interested in cooking fish, but Morimoto is a fascinatingly expert "Zen master" of his craft, so I immediately Googled "morimoto poem".

What did I get?
The above is from the fascinating blog of David Morimoto, "Math Poet" and ecologist, conservation biologist, and animal behaviorist, who specializes in studying birds and teaches at Lesley University in MA.  I found his image and poem comforting and grounding after a wild and chaotic day, and there's no doubt that many of my passions dwell in his area of expertise.  In addition, I discovered the website Talking Writing, to which I will return when life calms down in a few weeks.

So why not search out a Googly-poem of happenstance for yourself?


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As the Crowe Flies and Reads said...

I very much like your almost-Venn diagram here, Laurie.

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