Monday, August 15, 2011

Roots - Final Post

I will keep this short and sweet:

I enjoyed reading Roots even more than I initially thought I would, and I feel proud to have persevered through its 688 small-print pages, especially during the beautiful days of summer.  Never will I forget Kunta Kinte and his descendants, and I'm grateful to Alex Haley for putting this generational story into written form.

If you're a dedicated reader and you haven't yet tried it, I commend this book to you as a powerful artifact of U.S. history. 

Finally, I want to thank Laura at Booksnob for hosting this read-along.  I certainly would not have done it without her.



Booksnob said...

I finished just in time to go back to work on Friday. I am so thankful you read along with me. I am thinking my action will be to plant a tree. What do you think? Should I do something else? I wonder if school would let me plant it on school grounds. Hmmm, I will have to ask.

I have four more books to read for my camp readalot requirements and I am ready to get back to War and Peace.

Laurie said...

Back to work so soon? I'm at work all week and every week through August, but no students until after Labor Day...
Couldn't/wouldn't have done it without you, and your tree idea is simply perfect.

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